Darwin Garage Door Repair: Your Local Fixers

We're based right here in Millbrae, which means we get where you're coming from when the coastal fog rolls in and plays havoc with your garage sensors. Just give us a ring at (650) 955-2892, and let’s chat about what's going wrong with your garage door.You might think it’s just a noisy hinge but trust us, sometimes it’s more than meets the ear.

When Can You Call Us?

Mornings are rough—we get it—but imagine starting off by battling with a stubborn garage door before coffee? No way. That's why our lines are open bright and early at 8 am sharp. Got an emergency while dinner is cooking? Relax; we’re here until 8 pm every day of the week.No need to check the calendar either; whether it’s Monday morning blues or Sunday fun days gone awry due to a jammed-up door mechanism—we’ve got your back without fail.